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Jack Hollingsworth

In this beautiful, exciting, and messy life, things can become complicated.

Your photography, especially your iPhone photography, doesn’t have to be one of them.

You can capture all those magical moments of life, love, and laughter, beautify and personalize them, to your heart’s content, easily share what you shoot, and have a blast doing it. Click.

Jack Hollingsworth walks the talk. His approach is unashamedly simple, practical, photographic.

He enthusiastically speaks to all skill levels-consumer, prosumer, expert. He speaks the language of photography… to photographers.

Jack’s contagious joie de vivre and his passion for photography are sure to get you fired up and his easy-breezy know-how will have to make stellar photos with your smartphone camera in no time.

Jack Hollingsworth is a respected professional photographer, with a long and celebrated career, who has traveled the world taking pictures for commercial, advertising, and editorial clients. It was the job he always wanted, and he had it.

One day, he put down his big, heavy DSLRs and picked up an iPhone, started shooting, and you know what? He rediscovered his love for photography and found he could take remarkable and inspiring pictures while enjoying the freedom only a pocket, connected, and fun Phone camera can offer. He’s not looked back.

Since his mobile conversion, on the sunny Caribbean island of Barbados, on February 18th, 7.02 am, 2011, Hollingsworth has shot over a million iPhone photos, using 10 different devices, in over 50 countries of the world. And has become one of today’s leading authorities on smartphone photography.

His work has appeared in Apple’s #ShotoniPhone campaign and he is a speaker at Apple stores worldwide.

Hollingsworth is a popular author, influencer, educator, and know to his thousands of followers as @photojack.

Jack is a native son of Cape Cod and currently calls Austin, Texas his home, where he resides with his former wife and still best friend, and two beautiful, artist-daughters. Hollingsworth is a devout pescatarian and avid bike rider. He is also a fan of hippie culture and color, Mexican import beers, sushi, candlelight dinners, soaker baths, sunflowers, Bike-riding, naturally modern furniture, period-piece movies, classical music, James Taylor, beachside cottages, international travel, crooner music, the analog film looks, Apple, Kodak, Polaroid, the Dallas Cowboys, fine-art printing, fedoras, sleeveless T’s, Old Spice, Nag Champa, cruise travel, napping, blue-jeans, linen sheets, Moment lenses and the top-half of poppyseed bagels.

email: [email protected]
Instagram: @jackhollingsworth
Twitter: @photojack