The Horizontal Tango

For the better part of my professional photography career, especially during my analog, dedicated camera days, I shot, predominantly, horizontals.

I think, for the most part, that was because, it was pre-internet, and most of the available commercial work in the editorial space, appeared in annual reports and magazine spreads, which were predominantly horizontal in nature.

Since falling in love with my iPhone camera, over 10 years ago, my image orientation of choice, has been, intentionally, vertical, as evidenced by all the sheer work I share here.

Shooting vertically, on an iPhone, at least for me, has been a new way of image discovery.

It has completely changed the way I look at photography today.

But, make no mistake, the horizontal tango is still alive and well in photography.

Our eyesight is, more or less, horizontal. Current TV screens and computer monitors are horizontal. Cinema in horizontal. Billboards are horizontal.

There is something very special about appreciably, slowly and horizontally, moving through a picture from left to right or right to left. It’s enchanting.

Just penning these words makes me want to run out and capture some horizontal photographs. Gush.

Early this morning, I found these horizontals tucked away while editing photos for an upcoming Zoom call.

It reminded me, once again, of the sheer power and persuasion of the horizontal format.

Young creatives today tend to author a lot of content, in both photo and video formats, in vertical orientation rather than horizontal orientation.

This makes perfect sense since most Social platforms cater to verticals.

But, still, in my heart, when I see well-done horizontal captures, I melt with appreciation, celebration, and pride.
The horizontal tango lives on.

When it works, it just works!